Kim Il Sung Fellowship Meeting

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung’s comrades, meetings were held in Belarussia, Austria, Sweden, Yemen, Uganda from 3 to 5 days.

The gatherings were attended by people from various countries and crowds.

President Kim Il Sung recalled that on July 8, the world progressive mankind isremembering the achievementsof Kim Il Sung , the eternal recipient of the Korean people, heartily.

The Deputy Secretary of the Association for the Promotion of the Austrian Democratic People’s Republic of Korea emphasized that the Korean people held Kim Il Sung as the eternal sun.

The Chairman of the Friendship Society of Korea, the Swedes Yes, praised the Chosun people for building socialism and defending it in a short period of time because of the wise command of President Kim Il Sung .

The Chairman of the Friendship Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Donald Mark, who is co-chairman of the Tang Marx Committee of the Kim Il Sung retreat, said,

Kim Il Sung worked energetically to defend and develop socialism and helped the country’s people struggle for independence and building a new society.

In the time of Kim Jong Eun’s Comrade Kim Jong Eun who inherited the ideas and achievements of the President , the Korean people will surely accomplish the historical achievement of socialist construction and national unification.

Austria, Sweden Yes, in a retrospective gathering held in Danmark, a specialist was brought up to the highest-ranking dignitary comrades.

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