US scientists suspected of being sexually assaulted and abandoned a Greek police arrested 27-year-old male suspect

US 59-year-old molecular biologist Suzanne Eaton was found dead last week in Crete, Greece, Greek police sources said today that the police in Chania ( Hania) arrested and interrogated a local 27-year-old man.

Eaton, who was at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden University in Germany, disappeared on the 2nd. On the 8th, he was found dead in the underground of World War II near the second largest city of Crete, Crete. Inside the bunker.

Agence France-Presse and Reuters reported that police sources said that the autopsy report showed that Eaton died of suffocation and found in the deceased that it might be a bruise caused by restricted operations. According to media reports, the autopsy results also showed that her mouth and nose had been blocked.

The police said that the motive for committing a crime seems to be “sexual assault.”

The underground bunker area near the Eaton sacred Xamoudochori, not far from the nearest road, may be taken to the place to be abandoned after being killed elsewhere. The person who explored the cave found her body.

Eaton went to Crete for a scientific seminar. Everyone thought she was going out for a jog, but after she had not returned, her colleagues reported the case to the police.

In the official website statement, the Max Planck Institute described her as “a leading scientist, a strong athlete and a runner in the field, and a taekwondo black belt master.”

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