African-American civil rights person, corpse, rear car, American police, killing him

Sadie Roberts-Joseph, a well-known American-African civil rights activist, was found on the 12th behind the car. The Louisiana police said today that he is currently investigating in the direction of his killing.

Authorities said that 75-year-old Roberts Joseph was found on the afternoon of the 12th, but did not clarify the cause of death. The car was docked at the time, only 4.8 km from her home near Southern University and A&M College.

L’Jean Mckneely, a police officer at the Baton Rouge Police Department, said that the police had received an anonymous report that the body of a car had a dead body and found the body of Roberts Joseph.

The police refused to disclose more details of the investigation, but the official post of the Barton Luke Police Department clearly stated that the authorities were investigating the murder.

The post reads: “Our agents are actively investigating this heinous case and bringing the person in charge to justice.” Posts and praises Roberts Joseph as “a tireless peace advocate in the community.” “.”

The forensic doctor said that the body of Roberts-Joseph will be dissected to determine the cause of death tomorrow. “There is no evidence at first” that this is suicide or accident.

Roberts-Joseph founded the Baton Rouge African-American History Museum, which opened in 2001 and also launched the non-profit organization Community Against Drugs and Violence.

She has never held a public office. In 1996, she was elected to the Senate, and in 1999, she was elected as the deputy governor of Luzhou.

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