UAE launches cholera campaign and treatment of injured in Taiz governorate

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), through its human arm, the Red Crescent Authority, has launched a campaign to treat and prevent cholera in the Hasayeb Al Qubba area of ​​Al-Wazea’a Governorate in Taiz province.

The UAE Red Crescent Society provided medical assistance distributed to the health centers in the Directorate of Al-Wazea’iyah to control and eradicate the cholera epidemic. The six days of the campaign will include the clearing of a number of water wells and the marshland, to get rid of the bacteria carrying the disease, To identify the causes and symptoms of cholera and the sources of infection and methods of prevention through distribution of awareness leaflets, as well as the provision of medicines and tools for the purification of water.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in the western coast of Yemen said that the urgent intervention to treat cholera patients by sending medical teams and providing medicines for health centers and units. The campaign aims to get rid of this epidemic, which threatens the lives of residents of ” And the oppressor, the axis, and the people, and the inventory of the dome “Directorate Directorate.

For his part, Ahmed Abdo Al-Zarafi, Director General of Al-Wazea’i Directorate, said that the urgent intervention by the UAE Red Crescent to combat the disease, through sending the teams and medical assistance to Jap, raised the awareness of the Yemeni families who were in a state of panic and fear because of this epidemic, In addition to the health and education projects. He said that many of the development projects that bear the UAE footprint in the Directorate of Al-Wazea’iyah, including the Central Water Project, which serves all the villages and districts of the Directorate, benefit more than 50,000 people.

For his part, Dr. Rabash Ahmed Saleh, director of the Health and Population Office at the Directorate of Al-Wazea’iyah, said that the UAE Red Crescent has assigned a medical team to carry out treatment procedures for cholera cases and to provide medicines and medical supplies for health facilities in various districts of the Directorate as part of its comprehensive plan to eradicate the epidemic.

A number of Yemeni citizens praised the support provided by the UAE in all areas of health, education, relief and other service and development fields that contributed to the normalization of life and the return of stability to all areas of liberated Yemen.

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