Chief of Policy Research, US Institute for Foreign Affairs of Korea, accuses South Korean authorities of paying fighters from the United States

On May 11, the head of the Policy Research Department of the US Institute for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea announced the following statement.

South Korean authorities are trying to deliver two stealth fighters “F-35A” from the United States in the middle of this month after last March.

There is no doubt that the delivery of the so-called “invisible murder weapon” “F-35A” guarantees the military superiority to neighboring countries in the region, especially in opening the “gates” There is no.

As a result, the South Korean authorities challenged the “Panmunjom Declaration of Military Field Agreement”, which clearly regulated the ceasing of the military buildup aimed at the other party.

I would like to ask whether South Korea officials will complain about dragging murder weapons to harm their own people when a positive air current is being created on the Korean Peninsula through the reunion of the historic Panmunjom Cho Myeong-seon head, and asking if they are the inventions of “imagination beyond common sense.”

It is the strange people of the South Korean authorities who live with the mood of the United States, who is crying and eager to eat, knowing that this fighter’s invasion is a dangerous act that causes our opposition and urges the situation of the Korean peninsula to intensify military tensions.

However, when we see the reconciliation and cooperation between the North and the South, we are both brazen and pitiful.

If the South Korean authorities see signs of improving seasonal relations, if they do not move away from the White House ‘s fate of foreign – backed dependence, it will be hard to expect a North – South relationship.

We can not help but to develop and test special weapons that would wipe out the murder weapons that enhance the South Korean ship.

It would be better for South Korean authorities to get rid of the delusional delusion that if they follow the US, there will be an opportunity to improve the North-South relationship. (End)

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