Brazil and Argentina lead the southern communist market and the United States to sign trade agreement

After the signing of the free trade agreement between the Southern Common Market and the European Union at the end of June, Brazil and Argentina, the two major members of the South American economy, also want to make good use of their relations with the United States, further and the world’s largest The economy has reached trade cooperation.

Experts pointed out that although the Southern Common Market (Mercosul) and the EU’s economy complement each other, the negotiations between the two major economies will last only 20 years, and the United States directly competes with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay for the agricultural and livestock market. The future of working together is hard to say.

The idea of ​​commercial negotiations between the Southern Common Market and the world’s number one power is due to Brazil. After President Jair Bolsonaro held a meeting with the US President Trump at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, at the end of June, he said that the two sides intend to reach a free trade agreement and further strengthen their economic partnership. The joint efforts of Brazil and the United States can have a very positive impact on the world.”

Last week, Argentine President Mauricio Macri also announced his participation in the cooperation plan, saying that in addition to the negotiations with Brazil and the United States to sign a free trade agreement, next year will also negotiate a free trade agreement with South Korea.

In the Argentine presidential election in October this year, Markri will be re-elected. He recently delivered a speech to the SMEs, trying to reassure them that the impact on the open market of European products after the end of tariff barriers will not harm the interests of domestic producers.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo confirmed that Argentina and Brazil are in talks with the United States, but stressed that any agreement with Washington could not be completely equated with the agreement signed with Brussels, because each agreement must follow different models. Each partner has different characteristics.

Ignacio Bartesaghi, dean of the School of Business Sciences at the Catholic University of Monteverde in Uruguay, said that after the agreement between the Southern Common Market and the European Union, it will now deal with the world’s number one power, which is a good media strategy to increase the value. Convinced that the South American economy is more attractive.

Bartsaki pointed out that Posonalo wants to move closer to the United States, and Markley does not want Brazil to lead the way and reach an agreement with Trump; but in the United States’ trade with China, South American economies must be cautious in order to avoid becoming A victim of the US-China trade war.

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