Transforming US security hacking tools, Chinese spy attacks prevail

The US Internet security leader found that Chinese intelligence personnel obtained the hacking tools of the US Home Security Bureau in 2016 and used it to attack US allies and private enterprises in Europe and Asia. The latest proof of the loss of control in the key links of the Anjun firebase.

The New York Times (NYT) reported that from the time of attack and computer-coded clues, Symantec Corp. researchers believe that China has not stolen the code, but the National Security Agency (NSA). Get the code when attacking a Chinese computer, just like a Western sharpshooter who took the enemy rifle and started to bang.

China’s move shows that the surge in cyber warfare is creating a maddening digital age without rules or certainty; at the same time, for the United States, tracking its malicious software used to disrupt foreign networks and attack enemy infrastructure, Not easy.

These losses have caused controversy in the intelligence circle. If the United States cannot properly store the world’s highest technology and hidden cyber weapons, should it continue to develop?

According to the Symantec confidential memorandum that New York has seen, the Chinese hacker organization that uses the US Security Tools is the most dangerous of the Chinese contractors tracked by Symantec. This organization has repeatedly attacked the most sensitive defense targets in the United States, including space, satellite and nuclear propulsion technology manufacturers.

Today, the findings that Symantec disclosed today suggest that the same group of Chinese hackers who have followed more than 10 years have gained the upper hand.

Over the past 10 years, US intelligence agencies’ hacking tools and highly confidential network security plans have repeatedly appeared in the hands of other countries or criminal groups.

The National Security Bureau used sophisticated malware to destroy Iranian nuclear centrifuges, and then saw the same set of codes appearing around the world, jeopardizing non-specific targets, including American corporate giants such as Chevron.

The details of the US secret network security plan were disclosed to the media by Edward Snowden, a former employee of the National Security Agency. The CIA’s series of cyber weapons were leaked and published in WikiLeaks ( WikiLeaks) website.

Eric Chien, Symantec’s security director, said: “What we realize is that you can’t guarantee that your tools won’t be leaked and then be used against you and your allies.”

He further stated that in view of the liberation and suffering of state-level cyber weapons and the transformation and utilization of US enemies, it is now the best time for countries to analyze the risks of cyber weapons. The cyber weapons are reorganized and used to respond to the United States and The exact possibility of its allies.

In the latest case, Symantec researchers are not sure how China has obtained the code developed by the US, but they know that Chinese equity contractors use modified US tools to perform network intrusions, at least known in Belgium, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Both the Philippines and Hong Kong are victims. The target targets include computer networks of research organizations, educational institutions, and at least one US government ally.

Symantec said that as long as the main communication network is attacked once, it is possible for Chinese intelligence personnel to obtain millions of private communications.

For China, it seems that these weapons are not used to attack the United States. Symantec researchers may analyze the possible reasons. First, they may assume that the US has developed defenses against its own weapons. Furthermore, China may not want to expose the United States to stealing US tools.

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