The birthday of King Swadiani, Liang Hongsheng, accepts a special issue of Zhuhou

The Swabiani King Enshiwadi III, 51th birthday, the ambassador to the history of the country, Liang Hongsheng, accepted an exclusive interview with the special birthday of the birthday, congratulated the king on his birthday and talked about the relationship between the two countries. The interview was published in the first issue of the special issue, and Liang Hongsheng was the only foreign envoy to be interviewed.

The mainstream media, the Swazi Observer, launched a special issue of birthday in April. When Liang Hongsheng was interviewed, he first represented the government and people of the Republic of China and congratulated Constance III, the political leader of Conway, and said that although the two countries are more than 11,000 kilometers apart, the concept is very close.

He said that the friendship between the two countries is solid, and Shiwang’s support for the Republic of China is as strong as Sibebe Rock, the world’s second-largest stone mountain. It is rock-solid and unassailable.

In response to the “2022 Vision” of Shiguo, Liang Hongsheng believes that through the close cooperation between the International Cooperation and Development Foundation and the relevant units of the Shiguo State, he can work hard to develop the agricultural processing and communication industry in the history of the country, and help to achieve the world standard that Shi Wang hopes to make the two countries Bang Yi is more profound, and he believes this is the most anticipated birthday gift of Shi Wang.

When talking about the Taiwan history plan, Liang Hongsheng said that he had personally participated in the opening ceremony of the “Greenhouse Project”, which helped the mother-in-law to help self-sufficiency and promote the economic status of rural women, and witnessed the joy and joy of more than 100 rural women. To witness the sincere and close cooperation between the two countries.

Liang Hongsheng said that the two countries have established a close cooperative relationship in the fields of medical care, education, agriculture and capital communication since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1968. The friendship between the two countries will last forever, and Taiwan will continue to assist in the development of all aspects of the history of the country, hoping to reach the “National Development Strategy” (Vision 2022).

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