Relive the World War II glory to warm the US Army uniforms to take the retro style

Recruiting soldiers is not easy to add decades of controversial warfare and hardships, making the US Army need a military uniform that can re-encrust the signboard, so they take the retro style, re-launch with 1940 The green uniforms of the same paragraph during the Second World War.

The New York Times reported that the US Army selected the green gabardine wool coat and khaki trousers worn during World War II. Their choice should be no coincidence, because this is the costume that the US Army had previously celebrated to win a major battle.

US Army Chief of Staff Daniel A. Dailey said: “When we returned to the military, it was widely believed that it was the most glorious time for the US Army to serve the country. It was soon answered. It was the far-reaching influence of the country. Sheng Sheng, still deeply felt by the sons and grandchildren of the greatest generation.”

US President Trump also praised this retro uniform in a White House veteran event in April. “These beautiful new uniforms with belts are really great. If you think these uniforms are nothing, then these are wrong. Uniforms are not cheap. But they want to wear this uniform, we also do it.”

The Army uniform is equivalent to a civilian suit, but during the war between Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has rarely worn it. Just as the folks wear more and more casually in professional and social situations, the troops are mostly wearing camouflage overalls in formal occasions. Today, the troops deployed in combat missions are far lower than in the past, but the US Army is looking forward to re-introducing the representative uniforms of the “Norman Earth Airborne” period to relive the past glory.

Jennifer Craik, a professor of fashion and popularism at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, said: “A good uniform can quickly make you feel authority and trust. Imagine: If you board a plane, you see the captain wearing jeans and a T-shirt. You don’t want to get off the plane to blame. World War II is regarded as a battle of justice. The signal released by this military uniform is “We are good people”, which is why I think they will take the retro style.”

The retro uniforms are currently being tried in a few military bands, recruiting units, and high-impact units. The US Army intends to launch this uniform to the entire army next year, and officers and men can choose to purchase a retro-style aviator jacket.

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