Indonesian political party, group Panmunjom declaration of thorough execution

Panmunjom Declaration should be thoroughly carried out for the development of North-South relations, peaceful unification and world peace.

On the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of the Panmunjom Declaration, this was asserted in a joint statement issued by the Indonesian Sunbong Party and the Korean Friendship Cultural Exchange Association of Indonesia on April 27.

The statement emphasized that the adoption of the Panmunjom Declaration in April of last year has provided a transition phase for the development of the North-South relationship in the Korean Peninsula.

The Panmunjom Declaration contains not only the people of Korea but also the doctors and the doctors of the world’s progressive peoples who love peace.

We demand South Korean authorities to end joint military exercises with the US that break the peaceful atmosphere of the Korean Peninsula.

It gives full support and solidarity to the Korean people who struggle for the peace and unification of the Korean peninsula.

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