Abandoning Russia’s second self-made ship to be adopted in the UK

The media reported that India and the United Kingdom are discussing the “Made in India” policy to build a new ship in India with the same level as the British Queen Elizabeth ship. India’s second homemade ship.

In order to counter the strength of China’s growing aircraft carrier, India has two ships, one for Russia and one for Russian technology and solutions.

However, with the help of Russian technical assistance, India’s first self-made ship, INS Vikrant, continued to encounter difficulties while its budget was continuously overrun and the time course was continuously delayed. The ship is turning to the United Kingdom for help.

Indian media such as the Times of India reported today that the Indian Navy is negotiating with the UK to buy the design and detailed plan of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, which will be named “Vixi” in India in 2022. The second self-made ship of the (Vishal).

The British “Sunday Mirror” reported that in order to purchase the technology and design of the Queen Elizabeth ship from the UK, a delegation from India has visited the shipyard in Rosyth, Scotland; the Queen Elizabeth ship is in The Roths shipyard is assembled and the shipyard is building the HMS Prince of Wales.

The report pointed out that if the two sides reached an agreement, the Indian version of the Xixiu ship using the Queen Elizabeth ship program will be built in India, but British companies will provide parts.

The Indian Press Trust (PTI) quoted the British Ministry of Defence Purchasing Minister Stuart Andrew as saying that Britain and India have regularly discussed a range of weapons and weapons capabilities issues, but are not suitable for further comments.

If India and the United Kingdom reach an agreement, the new ship built by India will have a displacement of 65,000 tons, which will be compared with the Russian-made INS Vikramaditya (with a displacement of 45,000 tons). India’s first self-made ship, the Vikrant (40,000 tons), which is in service in 2020, is bigger and stronger, and can effectively strengthen the Indian navy.

The Queen Elizabeth is the largest tonnage ship in the UK, with a maximum of 24 to 36 fighters and 14 helicopters.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201905060103.aspx