The anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter received a silver birthday.

Kim Jong Eun Comrade Kim Jong Eun sent a silver birthday to Dong Soo Hwang, director of the Chosun Revolutionary Museum, an anti-Japanese revolutionary fighter who celebrated his 100th birthday.

Subject 8 (1919) hwangsunhui comrade who was at a loss to find hatched to live lose to early parental Japanese enemies brothers from May 3 yigukttang years of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung was growing revolutionary enjoy the not contribute until the true life in the arms of a comrade.

He was a young woman at the young age along with Kim Jong Suk, a hero of anti – Japanese women. He joined the Korean People ‘s Revolutionary Army and devoted everything to liberate the country by fighting various battles including the Sambon Battles.

The Great Leader Kim Il Sung gave special attention to the health and life of the warrior after liberation, took deep steps and believed in the party business of the Joseon Revolution Museum.

The great leader, Kim Jong Il , took care of the business and life of the warrior, and showed his life to the highest level by showing photographs and materials of Soon – Hee Hwang ‘s “The Supreme Master and the Woo – kwan” of the Joseon Revolutionary Museum.

In the arms of the Great Commander and the Great General, he served as a responsible officer of the Chosun Revolution Museum and received the party ‘s command.

Kim Jong Eun ‘s comrades were deeply concerned about the health of the warrior, and the love of his parents poured his life energies constantly to send young authors and to be able to go to.

He has served as a member of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, as a Representative of the Supreme People’s Assembly, and has been devoted to the Party and the Revolution, his country and the people. He has received awards from the Party and the State, including Kim Il Sung Medal, Kim Jong Il Medal, I have.

Kim Jong Eun ‘s birthday was sent to Hwang Soon Hee on March 3. (End)

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